AviSynth MSU Frame Rate Conversion Filter

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Project, idea: Dr. Dmitriy Vatolin
Algorithm: Karen Simonyan, Sergey Grishin
Implementation: Karen Simonyan

MSU FRC 0.5:
   The first public release

The filter is intended for video frame rate up-conversion. It increases the frame rate integer times. It allows, for example, to convert a video with 15 fps into a video with 30 fps.


To use the plugin, copy MSU_FRC.dll file to "plugins" directory in AviSynth install folder or use the function LoadPlugin directly from the script.

AviSynth script example:

ConvertToYV12().MSU_FRC(4, "slow")

The input video must be in YV12 colorspace.
To convert a video into YV12 colorspace use ConvertToYV12.

The width and the height of the input video must be multiples of 16.
To resize a video use Crop and/or AddBorders.

# Description Allowed values
1 Interpolation factor Any positive number
2 Preset fast - higher speed, lower quality
medium - medium speed, medium quality
slow - lower speed, better quality

slow preset is used by default

AviSynth webpage


Test sequence "matrix". Interpolation factor is 4, slow preset.

video fragment before FRC
Fragment of the "matrix" sequence (2 frames)
video fragment after FRC
After processing the fragment on the left by the FRC filter
the frame rate increased 4 times

Objective comparison with other algorithms

The figure below demonstrates the results of the objective comparison. The objective quality of processed sequences for various methods was measured using Y-PSNR. During PSNR calculation only interpolated frames were used. In order to do so the original video sequences were first decimated with factor 2 and then decimated frames were interpolated using FRC. After that the interpolated frames were compared with the original ones using Y-PSNR metric.
Vertical axis is marked by average Y-PSNR values for each sequence, the horizontal one - by the names of test video sequences. It can be seen that the developed algorithm shows the best objective quality on most sequences.

objective comparison
FRC Y-PSNR comparison


The filter was tested on AviSynth v2.57

For common questions about the filter's work please contact us
For commercial license of this filter (commercial usage is not free) please contact us сontact email

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