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4K MSU Video Codecs Comparison 2021

Video group head: Dr. Dmitriy Vatolin
Project head: Dr. Dmitriy Kulikov
Measurements, analysis: Dr. Mikhail Erofeev,
Anastasia Antsiferova,
Egor Sklyarov,
Alexander Yakovenko,
Nickolay Safonov,
Alexander Gushin Lomonosov
Moscow State University (MSU)
Graphics and Media Lab
Dubna International
State University
Institute for Information
Transmission Problems,
Russian Academy of Science



The deadline for 4K comparisons application is November, 15. To participate please refer to Call For Codecs page

4K Comparison Methodology

The main goal of this report it the presentation of a comparative evaluation of the quality of new HEVC codecs and codecs of other standards using objective measures of assessment. The comparison is done using presets provided by the developers of each codec. Nevertheless, we requir all codecs to satisfy minimum speed requirement on the particular use case.

For this platform we considered four key use cases with different speed requirements:

  • Fast: UHD, 30fps
  • Universal: UHD, 1fps
  • Fast 10bit: UHD-10bit, 30fps
  • Universal 10bit: UHD-10bit, 1fps

12 video sequences at 4K resolution were used for tests: 8 video sequences had 8-bit color depth and 4 video sequences had 10-bit color depth. Note: we used technically 10-bit videos for evaluation, but the colours in the videos themselves do not utilize wide luminance range (they are not HDR).

Brief methodology review is given in the presentation:

For more info on methodology and details please refer to Call For Codecs page and FAQ


Special thanks to the following contributors of our previous comparisons
Apple Google Intel NVidia
Huawei AMD Adobe Tencent
Zoom video communications Facebook Inc. Netflix Alibaba
KDDI R&D labs Dolby Tata Elxsi Octasic
Qualcomm Voceweb Elgato Telecast
ATI MainConcept Vitec dicas

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