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Project, idea: Dr. Dmitriy Vatolin
Preparation, text: Nikolai Trunichkin

We obtained very interesting results while we were developing the filters :) These results turned out to be quite interesting so we decided to publish them. They were called: "Crazy gallery". Of course, we will explain what the filter does and what is wrong with its algorithm, because sometimes it is almost impossible to do even for professional. So let's go ...

Look at the first picture, the merry-go-round spinned very fast and Bitrate control algorithms cope with a task well.

Algorithm BitRate control

Look at this masterpiece! A picture named "Abstract painter palette" is a result of author's laborious work. This picture owes its appearance to a motion compensation error.

Palette abstract painter
"Palette abstract painter"
Error in motion compensation

We also have some exclusive samples :) The guest from other planets allowed to photograph them, but asked not to reveal their origin.

Alien in town!!!
"Alien in town!!!"
Error in brightness quantization.

A unique experiment was conducted which allowed us to see a man's aura. It is a unique filter ... You can also see ghosts with it :)

Our program may show aura!
"Our program may show aura!"
Error accumulation in moving regions

This fragment was taken from the susi.avi sequence. We all know that Susi didn't drink but our alcohol detector program shows the opposite.

Detector alcohol
"Detector alcohol"
Denoising result

The next filter could be used by the police because your face won't be recognized even by your mama :)

"Operational photography"
Frame Rate Conversation.

When we get a new result, we will show it to you.


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