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MPEG Software Simulation Group MPEG-2 Video Encoder & Decoder Encoder: This is the second public release of our MPEG-2 encoder. It converts an ordered set of uncompressed input pictures into a compressed bitstream compliant with ISO/IEC 13818-2 DIS [1] (MPEG-2). This program will evolve to become: ISO/IEC 13818-5 Software Simulation of MPEG-2 Systems, Video, and Audio.
Decoder: The program mpeg2decode is our implementation of an ISO/IEC DIS 13818-2 decoder. It converts MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video bitstreams into uncompressed video.
Version 1.1, June 1994  450 кбайт
Rudiak-Gould B. Huffyuv Lossless video compressor. This is Huffyuv v2.1.1, by Ben Rudiak-Gould. This source code is Copyright 2000 Ben Rudiak-Gould. It is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later. You should have received a copy of the GPL along with this source code; if not, see or the Huffyuv home page, .
I have tested this code only under Visual C++ 6.0.
Version 2.1.1  32 кбайт
ON2 VP3 Well known ON2 company open source code of it's old codec under VP3.2 Public License 0.1
Скачать  1124 кбайт
Project Mayo OpenDivX Open source codec, that compress and decompress DivX video stream. Many people are currently using this code as a starting point for creating their own codec as well as for educational purposes. Authors hope that we've provided a good Mpeg-4 reference implementation for others to start from.
Encore version 4.0 alpha 50  96 кбайт
Decore version 4.0 alpha 50  139 кбайт
  MPEG4IP The MPEG4IP project was recently created to provide an open-source standards-based system for encoding, streaming, playing and even broadcasting MPEG-4 encoded audio and video. The project integrates numerous open source applications along with new made code to complete the bundle.
MPEG4IP has been compiled and tested on: Linux, FreeBSD, BSD/OS, Solaris, Mac OS X and Windows. For *NIX platforms, X11 is required and for Windows, DirectX 8.1.
MPEG4IP's official web site is located at and the development takes place at SourceForge.
Скачать  4500 кбайт
  H.263 Simple H.263 reference decoder and encoder library
Decoder  48 кбайт
Library  41 кбайт
  H.26L H.26L standard reference library
Скачать  489 кбайт

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