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January 20, 2004:
ARTest, vol.26 ==============
June 4, 2003:
ARTest, vol.25 ==============
October 19:
Some links are updated. It's now written that ERI 5.1fre doesn't decompress under WinNT, 2000 and XP. But it does under Windows 95 and 98. Same with Entropy 0.7 . It's mentioned in both Introductions where and when they were published. Test version of Entropy is not distributed any more. But thanks for mails with subjects like "Entropy files please!", anyway.
September 16:
New link to Data Compression Library: http://datacompression.info New mirror: http://compression.ru/artest/ Main site is European now. Few words About. This work was never sponsored by any grant. RAO Inc. is only virtual since August 1998. Life in Siberia is not so active. So don't expect all e-mails from addresses like Rikki-Tiki-Tavi@gmx.de or TinkeyVincky@aol.com will be immediately answered. Use recongizable addresses, please.
September 6:
ARTest, vol.24 ==============
March 10:
ARTest, vol.23 ============== The set of Russian texts has moved to http://arte.nm.ru/m120 PPMonstr v.H and QFC should be used to decompress them, and PC with at least 128Mb RAM
February 15, 2002:
Most data for ARTest 23 is ready: http://arte.nm.ru/ Same three files are also at http://artst.narod.ru/b/*.m24 You'll need PPMonstr v.H and QFC to decompress them (you can get both from ftp://ftp.elf.stuba.sk/pub/pc/pack/ ) Data will be formatted within a week or two.
February 4, 2002:
ERI 5.1fre: better compression and some speed-up.
December 12:
ERI 5.0fre: better compression of images as usual, and all other data as well.
November 8:
ERI32 4.19fre: better compression and some speed-up.
September 4:
Some links are updated. Newsletter is powered by Topica.com now, ListBot button is removed. New version of BMF 1.1f is here (with authors' permission). Previous BMF 1.1 can't compress some images: e.g. BMP from DIAGRAMA.ERI (with "-f -s -q9" switch). It's in ERI 4.19 format.
July 4:
Russian versions of Index and Summary pages. Links to newsgroop versions of articles are freshened.
June 19:
ERI32 4.17fre: better compression of images. Pages with Kodak and Waterloo images are also updated, as usual.
June 7:
ARTest, vol.22 All volumes are updated. Although tests were finished ten days ago, it took so long to format results. Formatting and publishing is the last, but not a fast'nd'easy step.
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June 4:
ERI32 4.16fre: better compression of images. Page "Summary"
May 17:
Next 22th release will happen soon. All scripts that cook text and binary sets from archives downloadable from Internet, and scripts that run archivers on test data, are ready. You can get them from http://artest.nm.ru/make_txt.rar and http://artest.nm.ru/make_bin.rar
May 4:
ARTest, vol.21 Major updates in the image compression volume. Only section [[4]] is freshened in other two parts.
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April 24:
ERI32 4.14fre: better compression. PNGCrush worked about 150 hours on a Pentium-400 PC to show the maximum compression PNG algorithm can achieve.
April 16:
1) Introductions are freshened: more counters at bottom. 2) New version of ARTest will appear in a week or two, with full changes in Image Compression part only. Other two parts - Texts and Binaries - will be fully updated in May. PNGcrush 1.5.3 is working since Friday with "-brute" option, it will take more than 100 hours to compress all 538 images with PNGcrush (and only about 30 hours with RK -mx3).
April 9:
4.13fre with more compression.
April 6:
Eri32 4.12fre: more speed-up, and better compression.
April 3:
New freeware version of Eri32 4.11fre: some speed-up.
March 31:
1) Introductory article "Compression of Multimedia Information", Russian and English versions
2) New freeware version of Eri32: compresses low-noise high-quality True Colour images (like Kodak images or P4p* from Intel) much better, up to 25% better than BMF, the best of other lossless image compressors (10% on average) While standard JPEG-LS and PNG make about 60% worse compression: see Kodak Images page
3) New mailing address: artest (at) inbox dot ru . artest1 (at) mail dot ru can also be used
4) This page, whatsnew.html
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