Kodak True Colour images

Do 10% count ? What about 70% ?
The most known set of True Colour images is finally compressed well enough, more than 3 to 1.
The best of other programs makes a 15% bigger archive, while standard PNG and JPEG-LS are 72% worse.

ERI currently holds the world record for lossless compression of the most popular set of True Colour (24-bit) images.
24 Kodak images are used to compare performance of lossless image compression algorithms since 1995,
they are originally from here, but now they are also here and here.

These 24 images, compressed with ERI to 8,891,702 bytes , are here and here.

All images can be decompressed with ERI 5.1fre : ERI b *.eri (takes about 70 seconds on a Pentium-400 PC)
You'll need as minimum : a 80386 PC, with 4Mb RAM, and DOS 3.0
If one switch "-3h13" is used for all 24 files, they are compressed by ERI 5.1fre to 9,062,479 bytes.
PNG compresses them to 15,328,841 bytes; JPEG-LS to 15,404,818 ( that's about 172% ).
BMF, the best of other image compressors, to 10,289,168 ( 115% ).

The second popular set is Waterloo Color Set , it's smaller and designed to compare lossy image compression programs.

Get ERI 5.1fre (91010 bytes, 2-Feb-2002) high-performance multimedia archiver, freeware version

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