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PRO version package include:

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VQMT 6.0
VQMT Professional Version
Versions 5.1 and 6.0 BETA with 1-year support
Download will be available just after the purchase Buy now

If you are already our customer, you can get the latest version of VQMT with support for one year with 50% off!
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PRO Demo Download

PRO Demo version is available for evaluation purposes. Limitations of the PRO Demo version are the following:

Demo version package is the same as PRO version one:

MSU VQMT 6.1 BETA PRO Demo 64-bit version

MSU VQMT 6.1 BETA PRO Demo 32-bit version

MSU VQMT 5.2 PRO Demo 64-bit version

MSU VQMT 5.2 PRO Demo 32-bit version

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MSU Video Quality Measurement Tools

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