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Authors of Compressors

Vadim Yoockin - YBS - The best blocksorting compressor to date :); Home of VYCCT.
Dmitry Shkarin - PPMD vIrev1/PPMonstr - Last is the most efficient PPM-based compressor to date.
Alexander Ratushnyak - ERI32, Archivers comparison.
Eugene Roshal - RAR, FAR.
Igor Pavlov - UFA,777,7ZIP etc :)
Malcolm Taylor - RK,RKau,RKim

Just compression-related

Maxime Zakharov - articles on compression, including mine one :)
Kirill Voloshin - latest archiver versions, archiver comparisons, articles (and one more mine ;)
Leonid Broukhis - compression contest.


Vladimir Kalashnikov - Java demos, PWLHack, articles...
Konstantin Belous
Sergey Erokhin - MV, which i use to read fido conferences; emulator(s) for some ancient computer(s)

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