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Все о сжатии / arctest. Авторский проект.


JAR comes as a 16-bit executable (JAR16.EXE) for DOS and a 32-bit executable (JAR32.EXE) for Windows 95 and Windows NT (version 3.50 or higher). The latter takes full advantage of 32-bit instructions and the "flat" memory model. Sometimes this 32-bit executable is referred to as the "Win32 JAR version".

Currently, JAR ranks as one of the best in compression in terms of size reduction of the currently available archivers. JAR compresses significantly better (?) than such popular archivers as PKZip 2.04, UC2 rev 3, RAR 1.55, RAR 2, and LHA. JAR uses a modified form of SOLID archive technology to provide excellent compression, fast updates and fast extraction.

The ability to process and archive more than 50,000 files at one time.

JAR provides the CHAPTERS concept which allows one to store multiple backups in the same archive using incremental compression.

Archive individual file or chapter comments with the option of inputting comments from a file.

Support of ANSI style comments.

JAR has MS-DOS international language support for the proper casing of filenames.

The ability to put the entire JAR command line in a response type file as in "JAR @command.rsp". Supports nested response files.

32 bit CRC file integrity check.

Total percentage milestone display for the entire archive build.

Option to test new archive before overwriting the original archive including the option to do a byte for byte file compare during a build.

Archives that can span diskettes. This allows the user to backup a full hard disk drive to multiple floppies. Recovery of individual files is convenient because the JAR archive header keeps information about the disk location of each file.

Built-in facility to recover files from broken archives. Also, the capability to add recovery records to important archives which allow one to repair damaged archives.

Internal integrity check in JAR to resist hacking or virus attacks.

Archive security envelope "seal" feature to resist tampering with secured archives. This feature disallows ANY changes to a secured archive.

Archive and chapters locking feature.

Password option to protect archived files both using authentication or encryption.

Specification of the files to be added to or exclude from an archive via one or more list files. In addition, JAR can generate a list file.

vSpecification of files to be excluded from processing by JAR.

Special command to test JAR reliability. "testjar.bat" is a ready-to-use batch file for testing on specified drive.

Optional long filenames translation into short names when extracting files in DOS.

Configuration file which allows the customization of default JAR behavior. Includes a set of default options for each command.

Breaks 640K DOS barrier using EMS and/or XMS.

Query option when wildcard selection is not suitable.

Files sorting in list commands.

32-bit JAR version allows the use or storage of both long and/or short filenames. It uses filenames compatible with DOS OEM encoding.

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